The Experiment

Over a 30-day period Sam will create and become the internet persona Sammie Kohn. Sammie Kohn will post daily content in an attempt to see what it takes to draw in viewers.


Targeting the most popular types of content on Youtube, Sammie Kohn will create Reaction Videos, Lifestyle Videos, Entertaiment Videos and Vlogs. These four pillars of content will act as a base to see where an audience for Sammie Kohn exist.


Using social media and YouTube's community tools, Sammie Kohn will have to engage and interact with her growing community. As a community forms Sammie Kohn will deal with their praise, critique and criticism of her every step.

Our Team

We are students in the Military Motion Media program at Syracuse University. We are all active-duty military that have been given the oppurtunity to study for a year at Syracuse to help develop our media skills.

Eric Melone


Nancy Kasberg


Steve Hill


Samantha Ducker

YouTube Star/Producer


Subcribe To Me was shot over the course of 45 days in Syracuse New York and New York city. In keeping with the spirit of YouTube, the documentary was broken down in four short episodes to highlight Sammie Kohn's journey.